Friday, October 3, 2008

By Kilian Prelude to Love Perfume

I have posted before on By Kilian, the line of scents from Kilian Hennessey. In general I have really liked them and came close to buying a bottle of Beyond Love. I am glad I didn't because the newest (7th) in the collection, Prelude To Love-invitation , is just out, and my favorite of them all. A citrus/floral, it pretty well had my name on it.

Prelude begins as citrusy-green scent, with a note of stems, then a slighty floral creaminess comes along mid way . By the drydown we get mainly powdery( but light powder) Iris along with the citrus notes, which amazingly do not fade away quickly. The citrus holds on to make a very pretty, light fragrance . It has medium sillage and medium lasting. Not as long lasting as previous By Kilian's, but a citrus scent never will be.

According to the official website, the notes include Bergamot, Seville Orange, Lemon, Bigarade. Then Ginger, Neroli, Freesia,Rose and lastly Iris.

To my nose most of these notes show up except I don't get a lot of bergamot . Really, it all blends together very well, which to me is one of the strong points of this brand.

The website has done away with some of the overwrought prose it initially had to describe the scents. Never bothered me since only the perfume is what interests me, but I know some were turned off by it. I've met Kilian and he is as sweet and unpretentious as could be. The perfumes are lovely, if expensive. Splurge worthy to be sure.

Available at Bergdorf Goodman, Aedes de Venustas,, Holt Renfrew stores, Saks stores in Las Vegas and California, and the official site in Euros -

Luckyscent and Aedes both have a great sample program where you can buy several samples of scents to test out first. They carry loads of unique scents.

50ml refillable bottle is $ 225.00
Refill is $ 115.00


Anonymous said...

This scent was just named one of Allure mag's "Best of Beauty" under the unisex frag category -- and between their glowing review and yours, I have to try it now!

Beauty Alchemist said...

thanks for the comment . You'll love this.

Anonymous said...

I ordered from LuckyScent and credited you for my business. Thanks for your well written reviews!! You may have found me my new signature scent! :0)