Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Candle from Slatkin@ Bath& Body Works

Fall means cooler temps and lots more candles. I always love the Slatkin and Co. ones that Bath and Body Works sell. While I admire more pricey candles, I rarely buy them. I am not one to splurge on candles and really don't have too since these Slatkin ones are so good at nice price point. Some of the best out there, I think.

I tend towards spicy or wintry scents so the Pumpkin one is perfect. Not simply pumpkin, but cinnamon ,vanilla and pumpkin. Not only does it smell amazing but the throw is fantastic . You get major scent with this. Not the kind, where the candles been lit for hours and you can't even detect it. This will easily take you , scent wise, until the end of November. The one shown burns 50 hours.

I look forward to Bath and Body candles for Christmas , and they are rolling out now. So they're next on the list.

The fall candles have recently been marked down on the website, not sure about in store. So take advantage of the bargain. The frosted glass one is now $12.25

You can also get the same scent in cute figural pumpkin shaped jar for 9.25

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futrose said...

That is a really nice pumpkin candle. If you like fall scents can I recommend the pumpkin souffle soy candles from U.S. Candle Co. They are available in a 5oz and 12oz square jar container. The 5oz is only $5.70. They have a really strong throw which is always a good thing.