Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vavoom Switch Flicks Gel-Wax Combo Styler

I love hair gels, not so big on hair wax since I have oily hair. I liked what I read about Vavoom's new Switch Flicks styler( a gel-wax mix) but was a bit worried about the wax part. Switch Flicks acts like a wax on dry hair or can be used on wet hair for a more gel like effect.

First time using it,. I think I used too much and it worked very well but it did seem to be more "waxy " on the hair than I wanted. I persisted though, because I really liked how well it held on the piecy sections of hair I used it on. After several more tries I am liking it more and more. I think that cooler weather bringing slighly drier ends will help as well. This is perfect to tamp down the flyaways .

I mainly use it on dry hair, just a bit, worked in my hands and into hair . It spikes up the piecy parts , smooths others and stays dry looking. As I said, it also has a nice hold to it. Not as strong as strong hold gel or a hairpspray but pretty good.

It's very light gel-wax so that helps. It comes in a pump bottle and should last really long.

Much of the Vavoom line from Matrix is worth checking out.

Their website is http://www.matrix.com/

All items can be bought at beauty salons.

Swtich Flicks sell for $ 16.00 for 3.4 oz

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Unknown said...

I got this free from an Allure contest. I have naturally curly (THIN/FINE) hair and this is the best stuff ever. I have noticed that if I use too much it's too waxy. I use it on towel dried hair.

I've been searching for reviews, to see what others think of the product. Thanks for posting yours!