Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dreaming and Michael Kors Rollerball Duos

2 new perfume/lipgloss rollerball duos are out now. One in Dreaming from Tommy Hilfiger, with a peach lipgloss. This joins the berry toned one they released earlier in the year. Michael Kors gives us the original fragrance with a nude lipgloss.

I like both of these scents and they appeal to many. When a friend from far overseas visited, Dreaming was one of the perfumes she took home with her.

The price points here are one of the best parts. They are purse or travel friendly and easy on the wallet. In these more difficult economic times and with holidays coming soon, everyone will want ways to treat themselve or pick up a great gift without overspending.

-Dreaming Peach duo $ 20.00 at at department stores.
-Michael Kors Duo $ 22.00 at sephora and Kors boutiques.

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