Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe Pinktober BCRF items

Todays breast cancer charity benefit item is from the Hard Rock Cafes. The T and pin are really cute. I think Hard Rock pins are so fun, and need to look at them better next time I am in one .

-Hard Rock “Pinktober” 2008 Breast Cancer Baby Doll T-Shirt
-Hard Rock “Pinktober” 2008 Breast Cancer Pin

Hard Rock “Pinktober” 2008 Breast Cancer Baby Doll T-shirt in a black, baby doll style. It features Hard Rock’s “Love All, Serve All” mantra and the Hard Rock brand logo in black foil across the front center chest, accented with a pink rhinestone-adorned ribbon.

Hard Rock “Pinktober” 2008 Breast Cancer Pin, the ninth in a
series supporting breast cancer research, features a silver, threedimensional
curved hinge covering the body of the guitar, filled with
clear rhinestones. When the hinge is opened, a hot pink acoustic guitar
with a pale pink ribbon design is revealed. The pin also features the
powerful message “Stop Breast Cancer for Life.”

T-shirt: $28.00
Pin: $12.00
BCRF benefit amount:
T-shirt: 15% of the retail price
Pin: 75% of the retail price

Buy them at Hard Rock properties everywhere and

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