Friday, October 17, 2008

A Breast Cancer story of the Total Beauty VP

I want to share with you the story of a woman fighting breast cancer. This woman is a woman I know . She is the fearless leader at Total Beauty. Her name is Kristen Nelson . She was the driving force behind Total Beauty's campaign with the Estee Lauder companies( pre -diagnosis) and BCRF, and inspired all of us bloggers currently participating in Total Beauty/ Total Cure to launch our own initative. In this interview with a fellow blogger, not only will you meet this great lady, but also hear how she benefited directly from programs that BCRF funds. It's moving and scary, and a must read. PLEASE

Remember, all month we are hosting giveaways of major brands products almost every day. We have a Facebook and MySpace page, and if you want to donate any amount, any, there is a paypal widget on my sidebar that allows that. The money goes to them , not to me or thru me in any way.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Nancy for all you have done for this campaign. You are also an amazing woman and I too am blessed to know you. Thanks as well for the incredible scarf- I have not taken it off since it arrived. xoxo Kristen