Thursday, October 9, 2008

Estee Lauder Holiday 2008- Vintage Jewels

Vintage Jewels is the Holiday collection from Estee Lauder. Done is shades of green, blue or purple. There are eyeshadow duos in each color scheme in my favorite formula- Signature Eyeshadows. I love these for lasting long. They last longer than any other shadow on me. I have seen the purple and blue duos. Both are very pretty, the blue is shown, the purple seemed more dusty than bright but pretty. I want to check out the green one.

The top item here to me is the Smoked eyeliner pencil. Again, I have the blue one and the color is a wow. Pure deep blue but not dark. Not a black blue. I don't wear much blue so liked this far more than I expected. I figured to like the green the best , but it was more darker and smoky. Nice ,but not as bright as the blue.

The highlighter powder is very pretty , there is an overspray of gold that comes off, but a lot of shimmer also stays. It makes a great dusting over a a more matte blush. The gold case is luxe looking and the compact is a good size.

The Signature lipsticks have been given a jewel like edge to them and come in shades of red or a deep black cherry.

Holiday also brings some neat fragrance items. This past weekend I saw the Perfume Pencils. They are crayon like pencils with scent called Scentsticks. A great idea. No mess. The set has 5 pencils with a sharpener . Includes: Pleasures Delight, Beautiful Love, White Linen Breeze and more.

Lastly, there are the solid fragrance compacts. Each year these are so pretty. Sensuous joins them this year in a Gingerbread man . The Candy Cane holds Pleasures.

Signature Lipstick $ 19.50
Signature eye duo $ 25.00
Shimmering Powder $ 32.00
Smoked eyepencil $ 18.50
Scentsticks $ 29.50
Candy Cane compact $ 85.00

View at, The Nordstrom I was in recently had part of the collection in, but not all of it.

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