Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chanel Beige perfume- Les Exclusifs

I am in love. Truly, with Chanel's newest Les Exclusif scent Beige. I have had mixed feelings over most in this line until now. Beige has my heart.

Beige is a big white floral with a touch of honey. The main note is frangipani, a huge favorite here, so I knew it might be love.
Other notes are freesia, hawthorn and honey.

On me it is mainly that frangipani blooming away, a bit of freesia and by the drydown just a touch of the honeyed note is there. This is not a strong scent but not overly soft either. Light sillage and medium lasting. It is light enough to be re-applied later in the day to refresh the scent.

Now as with most perumes, Beige is different on me than other fragrance fiends I know. One gets no lastingness at all. It goes right off. Another gets all buttered honey which she loves and it hangs on long. As I said I get the white floral goodness.

What all of us seem to share is total love of the scent. In our message posts we have been using bold letters .

Here is a quote from a Vanity Fair interview with Jacques Polge ( pictured above), the nose behind Chanel:

"Beige offers a new choice. The emotion is that the past is alive again. It’s renewing a fragrance of the past. Mademoiselle [Coco Chanel] had a fragrance called Beige de Chanel, which launched in 1940. It’s been a long time since the hawthorn note has been used in a fragrance. It’s something from the past which now comes to life in a modern way. Proust wrote about hawthorn. He spoke of the melancholy that memories of the past can bring. So, for me, Beige is a modern fragrance with a link to the past. "

Right now Beige is exclusive to Saks NY store for the time being and is 190.00 for a 200ml( huge) bottle.


Anonymous said...

i am bummed that you can only get it @ Saks in NY!! It smells like something i would really like, but i will not purchase it without smelling it. I wonder when they will sell it on the West Coast?

Beauty Alchemist said...

it will eventually move out to more stores, I am sure. Exclusives go for a couple months it seems then more stores start carrying an item. Check with a west coast Saks at the holidays maybe.