Monday, March 16, 2009

Bumble & bumble's new Gel , Gellac

I am a hair gel girl, always have been. My hair is short and very thick. A strong gel gets it where I want it to be, usually with a bit of spikiness. I would love to really spike it again but somehow never quite go there . I use hairspray sparingly, much preferring to use the gel to define and hold. Thus I am always on the hunt for new, extra hold ones.

I heard back at fashion week that gels were coming and I patiently waited to get my hands on these goodies . I even have cool videos for you. The first one is the gel, the next ,gellac.

Most associate gelled hair with the 80s . Bumble's even says on the gel tube that it's not "stuck in another era". Yes it ruled then and it did because it really held. Freezing gels and sprays then were amazing. I wish I had some now. Thankfully hair companies are getting back on the gel-wagon. Bumble and bumble have cooked up 2 new ones for us.( The first they have ever done).

The gel is amazing and can be used on dry hair or damp hair before styling. I am doing both. As a blowdrying styler it rocks. My hair really holds the style, and a tiny bit worked into ends when dry defines pieces and adds extra hold. I do mean hold .

Last week, we had a day with over 20MPH winds. I was out a lot and my hair did not lose one bit of the style. I had used the gel and spritzed lightly with Bumble's Classic hairspray. My hair wasn't overly stiff, and there was none of the old days crunchiness.

Gellac is a very unusual product. One thats been in the works by Bumble for some time trying to get the right formula. This is super strong hold and the go -to if you want super slick backed hair that will not fall out. Think the Don Draper's Mad Men hair on men. A little goes a log way. It has a stiffer feel than the gel but still not bad.

I am getting some serious styling out of both of these.

Bb.Gel, 5 fl oz. $24, and Gellac, 4.2 fl oz, $24 premiere March 9, 2009 at Bb.Network Salons across the country and March 15th on


Anonymous said...

I'm such a huge fan of the Bumble and Bumble styling products (the shampoo/conditioner...not so much)

I have what most would deem a "coronary" when I run out of their Grooming Cream or Brilliantine and can't obtain more immediately.

These are must-trys for me. I'm loving the videos, too. It took me a while to figure Grooming Cream out on my own, but I think I've finally mastered all the product has to offer. If only I saw a video for it a few years ago...

I love that you always keep me on the cusp of new and innovative products.

Stefani said...

I try this Bumble & Bumble gellac in last weekend ... it just amazing!