Sunday, March 22, 2009

Delirium & Co. Scarlet Grapefuit Candle

I love grapefruit scented candles and they can be hard to find. I loved one made by Vitabath from years ago, but thats long gone. Delirium and Co. now has their own version of a grapefruit candle.

Delirium and Co. is a new candle company I first heard about in December . They make some unusual scents housed in very elegant chrome/ silver handmade glass containers. No country candle look here.

One of their newest scents is Scarlet Grapefruit. It has a few more notes than just grapefruit but they all blend well. There is a lot of redcurrant in there and I can smell some of the amber. ( Other notes are apple, jasmine and mandarin). It's really very pretty, a citrus floral and perfect to burn in these Spring days that are cool but not cold.

Delirium and Co. can be purchased at

38.00 for 7.8 oz candle and 55 hour burn time. Candles are a soy blend.

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