Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadows

I love it when a cream eyeshadow comes along that is said to be long lasting. Even better is when one really, really works. Thats the case with the new waterproof cream eyeshadows from Shu Uemura.

These have a unique technology that according to the company allows the volatile oils in the shadow to evaporate right after application, and a "film former polymer creates a layer on the eyes that concentrates the color " leaving you with creaseproof all day shadow. Evaporating oils? Sounds good to me.

I got almost all day wear out of these. Whether I used a base or not, the wear was almost the same, but the base brought out the color in the shadow better. These are not overly creamy, they are easily blended though. Once on the eye, they stick and that means they can stand up to my oily eyelids. I kept checking the mirror expecting the shadow to have vaporized, but every time it was still there. Big smile.

There are 9 colors, ranging from neutrals to bright yellow. I have used Light Green , Sand Brown( pictured) and Beige. The Light Green is a shimmer , very lime and I love it. It pops and is gorgeous. Sand Brown is a muddy brown matte and deep but it works well with other colors. When I added a gold powder shadow to my inner crease, it looked great. Beige( shimmer) is extremely sheer, almost not there. I like this one as a base.

These hit counters in April and have a high price tag. They sell for $30.00. To me , they are worth it . Shu Uemura doesn't come cheap but the quality, the intense pigments, the color payoff of all the products are top of the line.

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