Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lush First Swim for the Seals Bubble Bar

I try to keep my causes and this blog separate. This is the place for beauty/fashion. Sometimes, however, the two nicely coinicide. Such is the case with the new First Swim bath bomb by Lush.

Made to bring awareness to a cause I have long supported- stopping the clubbing of baby seals in Canada for their pelts. The practice is horrific ( sadly, I have looked at photos) and it needs to end. No one should need a seal fur coat ever, and I don't take the argument that seal killers have no other means of income. There has to be another way to make money than killing those precious babies.

So big kudos to Lush for taking this on as their cause. 100 % of proceeds from all the of the sales of First Swim benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sea Shepherd is directly involved in trying to stop this practice.

Also on the Lush website is an online petition you can sign. Please sign it. It takes but a minute and signatures will go to the PM in Canada.

First Swim sells for 5.95

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