Thursday, March 12, 2009

NYC New Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm

NYC may be one of the cheapest lines I have ever featured, and I have to tell you one I have never tried anything in. My bad.
NYC is a very well ( read low) priced drugstore line. When some samples arrived with another brand, I wasn't thinking I would be into them, again my bad.

Shows you always need to be up to trying new brands/products.

One of NYC's newest products is a tinted lip balm in a slider tin. Now I have professed my tinted lip balm love many times so I grabbed one and gave it a whirl. I loved it. I love it and have been wearing it all the time this past week. I am not a fan of slider tins, or any pot kind but I can get around that. I have for years with my fav MAC Tendertones. I put it on right with my morning makeup .

What's so good? Well for one they last long. Yes a glossy balm that actually lasts. I used the cherry shade Sugar Baby( left) first. I wanted color. It has way more pigment that you would think and looks more like a gloss. Very shiny and super moisturizing , not goopy . Hours later, it's still there. Maybe not looking fresh applied but a tint of color is left and loads of moisture. Darn good for 2.99. As good as most high end ones I have.

I also tried Sugar Kiss, a light pink. That one was too light for me but very pretty. The lighter color didn't last as long either. There are 6 shades in all, 3 deeper ones and thats where my money is.

NYC is available at most drugstores and again, the Lip Slider Tinted Balms are $ 2.99. A beauty bargain.

See more including a nice Mosaic Color Face Powder at

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