Friday, March 20, 2009

eenamaria Handbags

I first saw eenamaria handbags on when looking at some other brand and these scanned by. I thought they looked quite neat and were amazingly inexpensive. Then during Fashion Week an invite came to a group show that the brand was part of. Alas, I didn't get to the event, but still tracked down more info on the purses.

The line is created by Sarah Morgan, who has twice been nominated for a Fashion Group International Rising Star Award and is based in Brooklyn.

As you can see her bags are super colorful and fun. The look of many is very Mondrian like and I had a clutch in similar design back in the 80s that I adored. These bags are all also under 75.00. There are travel bags ,totes, clutches, even a pencil case.

The current collection is called Chelsea Boi and is inspired by NYC's Chelsea district. Next up is Harlem Swing, (one of the bags is shown in the last photo).

I just think they are so fun and I am really contemplating buying Murse or Purse or the Workin' It bag.

eenamaria will be debuting today on QVC, making these bags far more accessable. Ms. Morgan will be on in the 1PM EST hour if you get a chance to tune in.

Prices :
Chelsea Boi collection :

Every Queen Needs One ( First Photo) $60
All Night ClubberRetail: $45
Murse or Purse ( Second Photo) $45
Talk a Walk on the Wild Side $45 ($55 for larger size)
I Mean Bizness $75
Workin' Weekend Baby $65
Got it Goin On Clutch $30
Girlfriend's Bestfriend $20
It's For My Pencils $20
Workin It $75

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