Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go SMiLE's Go Whiten 7 day system

Teeth whitening has reached a fever pitch these days it seems. I hadn't done any except a brief tryout of the first Crest Whitestrips years ago. Not that I don't need it. My teeth are very much in need of whitening and brightening. I am also way behind for a cleaning.

Enter Go Smile. I had bought little Go Smile touch ups for a teeth obsessed friend and the Lemonade toothpaste for myself a few years back but never the whitening ampoules.

It was time to try them.
Go Smile has 2 new products out, part of a two step program. Go Whiten for 7 days and daily FlashLiTES( cute name, no?) for touch ups/breath freshening.

I've done the 7 day regimen and I think my teeth got about 1 1/2 shades whiter. A definite improvement. Like most things results will vary I am sure, depending on how white or not, your teeth were to begin with. For me, as a starter set and whitening for the first time in years I was happy . My teeth are much shiner too. Really sparkly clean.

This set is so easy to use and thats the best part. No waiting and fussing. Even the busiest person can manage and you never have to make an appointment.

You "snap" the vial by gently squeezing it to activate. Then apply to your teeth. The brochure says no drinking for at least 20 minutes. Thats it. Done.

These ampoules also have a newer formula, the strongest in the line yet , more adhesive power and zero to almost no sensitivity to your teeth / gums.( One tooth in the back was a tiny bit irritated two out of the all the times)

Go Smile also has a new duo set of AM & PM toothpastes. Each with aromatherapy scents to wake/relax. Now toothpaste may seem an unusual splurge, but if it gets you more excited about tooth health, and means less dental visits, then it might be worth it.

The Go Whiten 7 day kit is $ 89.00
Go Daily, 7 ampoules is 10.00
AM/PM toothpastes ( sold as set) 30.00
Buy at Sephora, Blue Mercury, Ulta, Nordstrom .

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