Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reviva Vitamin E Stick

This Vitamin E stick from NJ based Reviva Labs has been on "to blog about" list for some time .

This lipstick size stick is highly emollient but not greasy and can be used anywhere. Lips, eyes, cheeks and is SPF 15.

I tend to use it on the eye area since I have loads of lip balms. This is great for when my eyes feel dry. I have easily rubbed it over makeup with no problems. When you come in from a really windy day and feel dry, this is great , or of course put it on before you hit the outdoors. Either way it works .The moisture lasts too.
Two more great things- Reviva is a natural beauty company and this little stick sells for a whole $ 4.00.

You can find Reviva at most health /natural food stores like GNC, Whole Foods or your local outlet.

I have seen the line at beauty supplies as well and I bought my stick at Ulta. You can shop online at http://www.revivalabs.com/

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