Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nexxus Dualiste Haircare

It's usually exciting when a big name haircare brand launches something new. It also doesn't happen that often. I think it has been some time since we saw anything new from Nexxus until now. The Dualiste line is all about color protection for your hair, and each set takes care of one other concern. There is Volume, Intense Hydration and Anti- Breakage.
Nexxus has always been big in my house. The Mom loves their products and has been using them for over a decade. Her can't do without shampoo is their Diametress for thickening. She has fine ,limp, colored hair and thats consistently the one that works. Emergencee treatment is another fav of hers. I wondered if she would want to try their new Dualiste Volume shampoo?

Turns out I love the Volume ones, and she the Anti -Breakage. I have thick hair so volume isn't usually an issue except when it gets cut too short, but this just gives it so much bounce and workability and yes ,volume. I have been using both shampoo and conditioner. Each is light and the conditioner is not over moisturizing. It suits my hair well.

I also use the Leave In Conditioner from the Intense Hydration set.

I like a light leave in product. Something that conditions the ends mainly without too much weight or greasiness. It's a light mist that smells like coconuts( coconut oil being an ingredient) and adds just the right amount of moisture. This is a great product.

Dualiste is available at all mass market outlets. It surprised me a lot when they went mass market years ago instead of beauty store but it's really good to be able to go to any store and get top haircare. The old formulas didn't change and this new line is a keeper.

Each shampoo or conditioner sells for 11.99 each

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