Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DuWop Iced Teas Lip Treatment

When I heard there was a lippie based on Iced Tea, I made a beeline for them when I was next in Sephora.

These new lip balms are called Iced Tea but actually are fruit flavors . I guess like a fruit tea.

I got Passion Fruit and it smells and tastes so good, it's almost edible. I use it constantly. There is very little tint here. Bordering on none. All the flavors have the barest of tint, even the dark looking Blackberry.

These have loads of moisture , sunscreen and shine but no shimmer. I wish the flavor lasted longer, and there was more tint but the moisture and shine hold up well. The flavor alone sold me.

Ingredients include: jojoba oil, aloe, and green tea extract .
Available now at Sephora for $ 19.00 in 4 flavors.

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SweetFurr said...

I need to get one to try ;)