Saturday, July 18, 2009

Torrid Real Woman Model Search

Torrid -a destination for plus-size fashion, kicks off its House of Dreams Model Search in pursuit of the brand’s next fresh face .

From July 17-19th , following the tremendous success of last year’s national model search, Torrid, the plus-size fashion brand, is calling all curvy fashionistas to enter for the chance to win Torrid’s House of Dreams Model Search.

Winners are awarded an all expense paid luxury trip to Los Angeles, California, where they will walk the runway in a blow-out fashion event, as well as appear as the new face of

- Women 16 years and older and size 12 and up are eligible to enter to win at Torrid stores nationwide

Visit to find your nearest Torrid store.

July 17th – 19th , 2009

Check your local Torrid for store hours.

Women who enter on July 18th, between 3:00pm and 6:00pm, will also be able to listen to pre-order an exclusive preview of Jordin Sparks’ highly anticipated new album, “Battlefield”, in its entirety.

You can win by simply submitting an entry form along with a photo, to your local Torrid store. Entry forms can be found at your nearest Torrid or online at .


the movie mommy said...

CK One! YES!

Medina said...

When did "real women" became a PC term for "fat chicks"? Just look at that poster that silhouette is what UK size 18? We're constantly bombarded by messages that obesity leads to diabetes, heat and infertility problems, etc. yet the same media are blatantly promoting being overweight and accepting it as a given, being proud of it and not trying to get healthier... In my opinion it's plainly reckless!

Beauty Alchemist said...

So much for tolernace and acceptance , Medina.

It's Real women, meaning that a lot more ladies are a size 12 or over than a size 4. Thats a fact here in the US.

Not everyone can be slim, and that doesn't mean they aren't healthy. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. But the fact is, whatever size you are, you should try and accept yourself and have access to nice clothes. Fashion should not be for model thin only.

and no one is promting overweight, The fact is many ladies are heavier, and they should not be left off the beauty/fashion train.

and super skinny can lead to far more infertility. One of my good friends is very overweight with 2 beautiful babies.

The Plus Size Duchess said...

In all truth, we are entitled to our own opinions. My opinion, Medina is dead wrong.

I, myself, are plus size. I proudly say I am fat. And on top of that, I am healthy. The only problem I have is a slow metabolism, it runs in my family.

Yes, being over weight is the cause of many diseases but at the same time, some girls we're made to be big, like me. I couldn't see myself being in a size 2, it's too skinny for me.

I like the curves I have, and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

As I stated before, you're welcome to your opinion, but get the facts before you talk. :]]

Thank you,
The Plus Size Duchess.