Sunday, July 19, 2009

Philosophy Holiday Preview

Last week I had the chance to get a sneak look and sniff at the holiday line up from Philosophy. If you know this brand, you know they go big at holiday time and this year might be the best yet. I loved everything.

So get your list ready. I know it's only mid way to Christmas , but these hit stores in October and tend to sell out fast.

Some are back from previous years and many are new. I have pictures of most but not all, but will list the whole line and describe scent where I can.

* First Snow- Snow body lotion, Snow Shower exfoliating gel, Snow Kiss lipshine $ 25.00

* Angel Cakes- 3in 1 and Bubble Bath ( 8oz each) and lipshine $ 20.00

*Silent Night - Lavender 3 in 1 16 oz. $ 16.00

* Snow Shoes and Mittens- Foot Cream and Hand Cream, 4 oz each $ 20.00. One of my favorites. A clean and crisp smell, a tad sweet but not fruity. Unique and nice.

* Classic Cookbook- 6 of 2oz 3 in 1s in baked goods scents $ 35.00

*The Cookie Exchange- Encased in an old style metal cookie tin 4 3in1s ( 4 oz each)in cookie flavors. $ 30.00

*The Gingerbread Man -16 oz 3 in 1 at $ 16.00 & 23 oz Body Scrub at $ 25.00

* Holiday Spice and Everything Nice - Another of my picks. A sweet spice , a nice mix, not too strong on any one note. 8 oz 3in1 & . 5 oz lipshine $ 16.00

* The Bake Shoppe- 2 of the 3in 1s, 1 lipshine, 1 lotion $ 30.00

* The Winter Escape- Wins hands down for cutest packaging. This is the one I show both inside and out of box. The Marshmallow scent is delicious and exactly like creamy marshmallow . The set is Peppermint Hot Cocoa 4 oz, Marshmallow Cream body souffle 2 0z, and lipshine. $ 25.00

*Twas The Night Before- Milk and Cookies 8 oz duo $ 20.00

* Peppermint Hot Cocoa- This is so yummy. I liked this more then I expected . Not too chocolate, doesn't scream mint, more like the hot cocoa with mint that gives it it's name. 16 oz 3in1 $ 16.00

*Have a Cherry Christmas- Honest to goodness straight up dark cherry. So good you want to eat it. 16 oz 3in 1.$ 16.00

* Party Girl- Pomegranate Set of bubbly exfoliating shower gel, shimmer lotion and lipshine in a cute black carry case .$ 35.00

* Candy Cane - 16 oz 3in1 . $ 16.00

* Holiday Hostess- Cutest little handbag box with a strap. Cinnamon Buns duo of 3 in 1 & hand cream ( 8 oz each) $ 20.00

* Amazing Grace set - $ 50.00

* The Miracle Worker- Full set of skincare . $ 85.00


Alexandra said...

This post got me excited for Christmas, but it's still so far away! :( lol Thanks for posting!

Beauty Alchemist said...

I know, it does me too a bit :) Just something to tuck away in the back of your mind.

Anonymous said...

Good preview but could you list the scents of things in the pictures, please? I am interested to see what's included in the Bake shoppe but can't tell from the picture. Thank you.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Anon, missed this comment earlier. Hope you still see it.

The Bake Shoppe has Pink Frosted Layer Cake and Raspberry Mousse shower gel, Sweet Creamy Frosting lotion and raspberyy mousse lip shine.

Hope that helps