Tuesday, July 21, 2009

KenzoAmour Eau de Toilette Florale

KenzoAmour has been a huge selling fragrance for years . Now Kenzo has released KenzoAmour Eau de Toilette Florale .

The Florale is a white flower based scent, one that uses them very lightly and has a bit of an aquatic feel to it. The grapefruit note is present but it blends in with the flowers,so this not a fruity scent. The Musk note is very much there in the drydown.

It's not strong but not light either. Medium in sillage and strength I'd say. The bottle is the traditonal KenzoAmour one but done in clear and in gradient whites . It's beautful, a work of art in itself designed by artist Karim Rashid.

Note list:

Top:Neroli, Grapefruit-Blackcurrant, Cardamom
Middle-Frangipani Blossom, Rosebud, Gardenia
Bottom:White Musk, Cedar Wood

KenzoAmour Eau de Toilette Florale is in stores now and also at http://www.kenzousa.com/

1.4 oz is $ 55.00
2.9 oz is $ 75.00

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Anti-aging Health Products said...

I've been using KenzoAmour for the past year and I must say, I still can't get enough of it.

I'll drop by the perfume counter next Sunday and try the new one out.