Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Phat Paula Shoe

As part of Lucky's Alpha Shoppers I get offered the chance to try new  fashion items if I'm interested. When they got in touch on Baby Phat, I have to say my first thought was, no thanks. Then I looked at the shoe image and though well, why not ? Be open. So here I am  surprised by the Baby Phat Paula and how cute it is. It also seems more well made than expected and the faux suede looks real from a distance.

 I think they look best with a pair of your favorite jeans but they can also be part of a casual summer dress look or maybe with a pair of the floaty ,silky shorts that came down the Spring runways.

The heel is very high, so while these can go day to night, it depends on your comfort level with that heel height .

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1 comment:

theminx said...

I'd be all "no thanks" for Baby Phat, too. But they are cute, I must admit.