Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paws and Listen from LUSH and The Vancouver Humane Society

I am happy to support LUSH's new campaign to help end sled dog races and tours in British Columbia , Canada. The new initiative is called Paws and Listen and came about after the story hit the news of the slaughtering of 100 sled dogs near Whistler, Canada last April.

Many people may not know about the cruel conditions that can happen in the dog sledding sport. Whenever in the past I have mentioned it to someone, they invariably say, those dogs are worth so much money and the handlers love them and take great care of them. Well some do, and many don't and we can't possibly always know  what goes on in the  places where racing is prevalant. It's like horse racing. Just because it's an expensive animal doesn't mean it's worth something if it doesn't perform or that people feel the need to treat an animal well to get results.  This is certainly not true in all cases , but it's good to be aware that cruelty and mistreatment are far more common than you may know.  Among other things, this is an unregulated industry, where it’s legal to shoot sled dogs without reason.

Paws and Listen encourages you to be aware and also to sign a petition on the LUSH site if you want. There are also these very cute LE Paw soaps from LUSH ( and I adore anyhting with the Paw motif). The soaps are $ 5.95 and 100% of proceeds will  go to the Vancouver Humane Society's campaign to stop sledding. The soaps are fragranced with sandalwood and citrus. They are in store only in BC, but available everywhere online.

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