Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dial NutriSkin Body Lotions

The Dial NutriSkin Body Washes were a nice addition to the mass market scene. Now to complement them, Dial has  NutriSkin Body Lotions .

I think of these as a solid, basic body lotion.  Ones not fancy looking but  that work and ones you can put out for the whole family ( if you have one). The kids and men can use it , no girly pink bottle here and there  is even a Men's version.

Where the body washes had nice scents, these have   just a slight lotion smell .They moisturize well ( I tried Extra Dry Skin and Soothing), are not sticky but yet are heavy enought to get the  job done.You can easily apply and get dressed without waiting. There are 4 types and all have Dial's patent pending formula with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

-Dry Skin- Aloe, Vitamins C,E. F and amino acids, and Omega 3 and 6.
-Extra Dry Skin-Shea butter , Omega 3 and 6, Vitamins A,C,E and F.
-Soothing-  Chamomile, Beta Glucan, Vitamins A,C, and E and Zinc.
-Men's- Magnesium, Niacinimide, Amino acids and Vitamins A,C,E.

Retail is $ 2.49 for 3 oz,  $ 4.99 for 12 oz and $6.99 for 21 oz.

*I received this product for review from the company, however the review is completely my own opinion. 

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