Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Douglas Hannant by Robert Piguet Perfume

It seems we can't mention Robert Piguet without talking about Fracas. With good reason, not only is it a classic but it's a stunning classic. Not for everyone  in it's big , powerful white floral-ness , but it's been one of my all time favorites since the day I smelled it for the first time.

In recent years   Piguet has re-released other classics from the archives. Now with Douglas Hannant we get the first new fragrance in decades. It's also a white floral and also stunning. Created by top perfumer Aurélien Guichard ,  I'm going to go out on a sturdy limb and say right now this will be, if not the best perfume of the year , one of the top ones. It's that good.

(Douglas Hannant in case you are unfamilar is a fashion designer. His designs are beautiful and elegant and tend to cater to the high society  types. )

His perfume could be called Fracas lite or Fracas for a new generation.   It's a white floral but clean and still fully floral to my nose. I only get a fleeting bit of the pear note in the beginning.    To me it goes right to being about the orange blossom, gardenia and tuberose with a non indolic , creamy  jasmine coming in at the drydown along with a soapy note and  the lightest bit of woods, mainly the  sandalwood note. It's fresh and light , a modern tuberose . Extremely wearable  and well crafted, this has jumped to the top of my full bottle wish list.

Full note list:
Top: Orange Blossom, Pear Granita, Gardenia
Mid: Tuberose
Base: Sandalwood, Jasmine abs., White Musk

Available at Saks and Neimans  ( though currently not showing up online) and at http://www.robertpiguetparfums.com/

EDP 50ml $85 or 100ml  $120

Fashion image: Douglas Hannant Fall 2011 - style.com

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