Thursday, March 10, 2011

Most Wanted- Balenciaga German Shepherd Sweater

Balenciaga pre -fall 2011 included this German Shepherd sweater. I only  saw it this week. How did I miss this? And how do I get one? I know the answer- buy it. But not only isn't in store yet but Balenciaga  doesn't  quite run in my budget. 

However, fall might be  going to the dogs. Givenchy pre -fall had tops with Rottweilers and TopShop Fall had dalmations and greyhounds.   If it does, I'll be right there.

After all what fashionable German Shepherd servant, oops, I mean owner, wouldn't want French high fashion and their favorite dog motif all in one? Not to mention that dog bears a striking resemblance to my very own girl.

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