Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MAC Little Girl Type Nail Polish ( from Quite Cute)

 For the lavender lovers there's new Little Girl Type polish from MAC's Quite Cute collection. I am loving the lavender nail look that we've seen this season and put this on right away.

The shade somehow makes your hands look more tan and with a (self) tan would pop even more. It's really pretty  and  I've been looking for a lavender polish.

It took 2 coats to get  an almost opaque finish and really 3 would have been best.  As much as I love this color, the formula isn't thrilling me.   I didn't like the streakiness and after just 3 days I've got some chipping.  I have been hard on my nails but 3 days is still pretty fast. ( Photo is with base coat and top coat).

Do you think you'll grab this shade ? Or do  you have a favorite lavender already?

 MAC Quite Cute hits counters on April 7.


Luna Stardust said...

i had some of the same issues as you with this nail varnish and in overall, i am not very happy with it. i would have expected more from MAC. i've also bought the mischiveous mint from the same collection, but not tried it yet.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Luna,

I have Mischiveous Mint as well but also not tried it. I adore Peppermint Patti from 2 years ago. It's similar to Mint but not the same, it also wears far better.

Thanks for stopping by