Sunday, October 6, 2013

Amarte Wonder Cream

Back in Winter I had my first chance to try Amarte skincare and came away  impressed. I especially loved their BB ( a true Asian BB ) and their retinol filled eye and face creams.

Now there is Wonder Cream with even more retinol power.  Encapsulated retinol is  1%  along with caviar extract, propolis  and elemental sulfur to help fight fine lines, discoloration , inflammation .

Shea butter , argan kernel oil and glycerin provide plenty of soothing moisture.

I had thought with the shea butter this might end up being too moisturzing for  my Summer oily skin but that wasn't the case. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it added just enough moisture and felt good on skin but wasn't heavy. The addition of sulfur which helps to reduce sebum and is an acne fighter is a help for skin like mine.

Over  a fairly short time I got some brightening  ( mind you these things take time and my use was about 2 weeks) and overall felt it was doing a great job on my skin. Using over a longer time should bring even better results.

Amarte Wonder Cream is a  solid retinol product for any skin type except perhaps sensitive. It's $ 79 at

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