Sunday, October 6, 2013

NARS Last Tango Lipstick - Holiday 2013 - Guy Bourdin

NARS holiday, inspired by the photography of Guy Bourdin is  all about serious color. In the mix of brights there are some slightly more muted shades.  Last Tango lipstick is one of them and my pick from the lippies.

Cinematic Lipsticks are a new formula that is, frankly, awesome. They have loads of pigment, lots of moisture , sheen ( but no shimmer) and feel great on lips.

I don't have the ingredient list but I imagine there are a good number of hydrators in there. These are very creamy but are not sticky or have too much slip .

Last Tango is a nude pink. NARS calls it Dusty Pink. I think the bullet shows more brown , when it's on lips it's a slight bit more pink. Either way it's a lovely neutral shade and just right for Fall and Winter as well as balancing a bolder eye.

If you love the formula and want brighter there are more shades in hot pink, cherry and more. I plan on checking on Short Circuit a "fiery coral" when the line hits stores.

NARS Cinematic Lipsticks  are $ 26 and the Holiday Color Collection will be available Oct. 15.

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