Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chanel Accent Blush -Holiday 2013

There is , as there most always is, a lot of pretty in the Chanel Holiday collection.

Having now seen & tried a large portion of it, I think one item has jumped out most to me and it's the new blush , Accent.

It's hard to describe the color here, it's a brownish pink with light shimmer basically. It shows more brown on the swatch , but on my face I think it goes a bit more pink. It is well pigmented but that's also several layers and  easily blends down to a lighter look. That deep swatch can be blended to something sheerer.

Accent is simply a perfect winter shade. The light shimmer gives  a bit of moonlight to the face, and the  muted semi neutral pink tones should work on so many skin tones  and go with most of our fall/winter fashion choices.  I am not usually a pink blush person, but I am liking this so much.

Accent will be on counter this month as part of Collection Nuit Infinie de Chanel . It's $ 43 and  LE .

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