Thursday, October 31, 2013

MAC Tastitints Nocturnals Lip Conditioner Gift Set- Holiday 2013

I think the Tastitints set from MAC Holiday ( part of the Nocturnals Gift Sets) is  the one I was most looking forward to seeing. What it is about lip balms ? 

I had a feeling they would be very light on pigment and I was right. While I wish there was more tint, they do have plenty of moisture. 

If you're wondering what makes these different from Suntints or Mineralize Tinted Balms, Tastitints  have almost no shine. They are a lip conditioner that is  almost flat on lips like a regular balm . Each has a slight flavor, nothing strong but just a hint. 

Each also is very sheer with Dash of Lavender giving the most tint out of the group with a fair rosy look on lips.  Mintessence and Sugared Vanilla are colorless while Taste of Paradise has the teeniest bit of color. 

As I said there is plenty of moisture making these a more stylish lip balm option for the cold winter . Ingredients include shea butter,  and sweet almond and avocado oils. 

I like the  presentation of the Nocturnals sets with their clear window box. No it isn't as pretty as last year's Guilty Passions bow topped boxes, but elegant in it's own way. 

MAC Nocturnals Tastitints Mini Tinted Flavored Lip Conditioner Kit is $32.50 and is available now online. 

The set includes:

  • Mintessence -milky white
  • Sugared Vanilla -creamy light soft beige
  • Taste of Paradise -poppy pink
  • Dash of Lavender- mauve


MaquiLab said...

I just don't see why I should buy a set of 4 equally sheer balms... I only need one in a year, and I need it to work, not look nice in a box :)

Beauty Alchemist said...

You only use one per year Eli? Good for you. I go thru many more. But if you do only use one, then yes, you won't need a set.