Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bite Beauty The Lip Kit


Bite Beauty’s new  lip set gives you a twofer, two lip colors in one tube.   Each mini  tube of lipstick has one of Bite Beauty’s Luminous Crème  lipstick  shades on each end.

I loved last year’s Bite set,  with it’s tin holding five mini lips. This time the packaging isn’t as fun but the  dual lip colors make up for that.

One of these stashed in your purse gives you two lip looks in less the size of one lipstick. Plus  if you like pale colors for day but amp it up for evening , these  have day to night lip looks covered.

The combos are:


Several of the colors featured in this set are swatched in  last year’s post.

Each lip duo measures 3 inches long .

Bite Beauty The Lip Kit is $ 38 at Sephora

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Dani said...

looks absolutely amazing.
I love it a lot