Friday, October 25, 2013


Have you heard of Steam Cream ? It's UK product I've seen on many a British site  , but I had yet to get one here in the US. As a devoted Anglophile, I very much wanted one of their Union Jack tins . Didn't even matter what was in there, but having  it be a  great moisturizer for skin is a bonus.

Now Steam Cream has hopped the pond and launched a US site  and is also sold at BeautyHabit and if the Union Jack isn't your thing, there are many other fun tins designs  all made in limited runs.

So what is Steam Cream ? It's an all purpose skin saver for use on face and body.  Think Nivea's original tins   and you're in the right ballpark.

A winner of the UK CEW  Best New Everyday Skincare Product , Steam Cream tins are  a good size at  75g and the cream is hand made in England using natural and sometimes vegan ingredients like oatmeal, orange flower water, almond and lavender oils and cocoa butter.

It's quite moisturizing but not  heavy or too  greasy and has a an herbal scent. It sinks in pretty fast and I think for the cold winter ahead it will be lovely on hands especially as mine usually need something really good .  Plus the tin will just look good sitting on the desk. Hail Britannia.

Each tin is $ 20.00 or BeautyHabit

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