Monday, March 30, 2009

My Favorite Beauty Deals


Beauty products come in all price ranges. Since everyone is trying to save a few extra pennies where they can and thinking harder on splurge vs. steal, I thought I'd share some of my favorite products that don't break the budget . I certainly lean towards more high end beauty but I am not averse to a deal either. I am happy to say there are many great products out there at a good price. Not all my picks are drugstore, but most are. Feel free to weigh in with any of your own.

Mario Badescu Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream- Serious thick, creamy moisture from a top skincare brand. I have a tiny sample of this and a tub is on the to buy list next time I am at an MB counter. A full 4oz. tub is only 8.00.

Jergen's Naturals Body Lotion- These all smell great,moisturize great and have a large percentage of organic ingredients. No it isn't like the natural foods store ones, but it's good to have more organic options readily available. I have the Renew version and love the slightly blueberry-ish scent. Approx. 5.99

Cover Girl Mascaras- Totally smudge free, and that's on me , chief mascara wrecker. My favs are Volume Exact, Lash Blast and Professional. I can get Professional at my nearest Walgreens for 4.50. It doesn't get much cheaper than that and I love how good it works.

Softsoap Pomegranate Mango Body Wash- The first time I used this I was amazed at how good, no great, it smelled. No chemical smells, just a blast of juicy fruit. One of the best smelling gels period, and not drying like some can be. Priced at 3.99 or less.

Annick Goutal Un Matin D'Orage Rollerball- I love that Annick Goutal, one of the highest end, top quality French perfume houses does these little rollerballs that make this scent affordable to all. Yes it's small, but that not that small and a lot better than 150.00 bottle. It's also travel friendly. Un Matin D'Orage is the most beautiful light white floral scent, and one of my new top favorites. The rollerball is $29.00 and will be for sale in April. A rollerball in Petite Cherie, a floral with a hint of pear, sells for $39.00. Shop at Neimans, Bergdorf Saks, Nordstrom,

Avalon Organics Shampoo- Some of the best shampoo I've used in the past were organic brands. Nature's Gate & Kiss My Face are great as it Avalon Organics. Only a few dollars more than a drugstore brand, you get no laureth sulfates, it's better for the environment and your hair. My hair was shiny and soft with lift. I mentioned Avalon here first as it seems to be showing up in Wal Mart stores, making it most the most accessible. Most of these shampoos run about $6.99

Crazylibellule and the Poppies Perfume Sticks- I'd seen these about 4 years ago when they were only at the Paris Sephora and hoped a friend going there would pick me up one. She wasn't able to but finally they hit the US. I still didn't get one until last month when our Sephora finally got them. These are cute,large lipstick size solid perfumes. There are fruity ones, spicy, herby ones and vanilla based ones. Created by the woman who started Sephora years ago, these are perfect for the purse. Made with none of the bad ingredients , they sell for $ 18.00

Pet Themed Nail Files- We all need nail files, why not have fun with them? I have a marabou trimmed one and now one with German Shepherds. These come from Petsmart in many breeds and cats for 2.49 in a clear sleeve. Also as

NYC Mosaic Powders- These look a lot like more expensive ones, but if you can't swing 20, 30, or 50 dollars, these are just 4.99. I am totally impressed with NYC which I hadn't tried ever until a few weeks ago. I posted earlier in the month on the awesome tinted lip balm tins. For 2.99 you get color & moisture that literally lasts for hours.

Chapstick Lip Butter- I've mentioned many times my love for tinted lip balms. Sometimes you need one thats basic. This Lip Butter is basic only in that it's shineless, scentless and colorless. It moisturizes like crazy due to the 5 butters in there and despite my arsenal of lip balms, is one of the ones I most often reach for. Great for the guys too. $ 2.99

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the movie mommy said...

I have to say that Suave lotion is the best! We have one of the Advanced moisture line for severly dry skin. My husband's hands are like tough leather and most lotions sink in with no effect. This stuff gets the job done. AND I got it because the BA turned me on to a free suave coupon offer! Thanks!