Friday, August 8, 2008

A blogger's attempts at getting ready for a NY day

As you might have seen from an earlier post, I was in NY on Tuesday for a Total Beauty event and the National Underwear Day runway and party. Now like pretty much every woman out there, when these came up, first thought was " what will I wear"? I had no idea how fancy the Underwear event would be ( not very as it turns out) and it's 87 and humid, I arrive at 3 and need to wear the same outfit and keep the makeup fresh. and it's NY , you want to be stylish.

Trying to do all this gives me new appreciation for the celebs that do this on an almost daily basis. They may have helpers or hair people etc. but they still need to look fab and have it all pulled together. The time involved for them has to be huge. Even with free clothes.

So without further ado here's what I wigged out about and did beginning Sunday night while trying to sleep.

-- Realize that DIY pedicure looks pathetic. No time to change it , why did I pick this shade and such an old polish to boot ?

-- Nails looking not too good. No time to polish even, so file and whip out my trusty Neutrogena Nail Pen. Had this for years. Swipe on 2 coats and at least the nails have a shine to them.

-- Go to some stores ( not a big choice where I live but sometimes it's good) to see if I can come up with something better than what I have. Not really. Buy a skirt. Decide it's nice but not really what I want. Now have to return it.

--Plan my makeup, yes plan it. I always am thinking about what I need to do with that if it's an all day thing or a big event. My makeup not only gets complimented on, but truly does make it thru the whole day. What I used:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder foundation with MAC Minerlize Skinfinish over it.
EL Turbolash mascara
Benefit She Laq to hold eyeshadow from YSL on.

- -Self Tan legs. Keep out of pool even on hot day so it doesn't strip color.

-- Luckily hair was easy. Styled nice, used my Redken headset 25 hairspray
and get asked by an SA at Bendels if I just came from salon. Who hoo. He wasn't even trying to make a sale. Told you that stuff is gold.

--Because I am semi casual I wear strappy, sharp, mid wedge heels shoes. Yes my feet ended up hurting, they still do, but the shoes looked darn good.

End Result- Fine of course. we worry about these things and we look fine. No one paid any attention to my pedi I doubt, or even that much to what I wore. We got hand massages so that made my nails look better.

At the party I was less dressed up or way more dressed up depending.

I'm not a celeb so no one notices much, but I do, and that matters to me. Not high maintenance here, but not low either. Just need to remember that usually it all comes together.

Can you relate ?

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theminx said...

Celebs don't do this stuff on their own though - they have stylists and entourages who think about what they wear for them, and then probably dress them too. All that and they get paid for not doing a whole hell of a lot.

They should admire US, not the other way around.