Monday, August 25, 2008

Jergens Naturals Renew Body Lotion

I can't help but check out many of the new body lotions that come out. When one says natural, and is a bargain, I really have to have a look. So it was with the new Jergens Naturals line. I saw them in the drugstore & I picked up the brochure along with a coupon. I read it over at least 3 times trying to decide which one I wanted to try( I take my lotions seriously). I decided on Renew.

I have to say this is one of the best lotions I've tried in awhile. It's very moisturizing but not greasy, my skin actually seems smoother, and it has a nice, slight blueberry/pom scent to it.

Renew is labeled 93% natural ingredients. All in this line are paraben free, no animal by products or testing. Yes these are not going to be as natural or organic as say Burts Bees or Jason, but I think of them as a happy medium. You get many good for you oils, and less chemicals, but there are still some in there. Also,it's always nice to see more natural items be mainstream .

The lotion has grapeseed oil, blueberry and pomegranate extracts. I am all for anything thats antiaging to the skin . So is it chock full of antioxidants. These ingredients occur mid -way through the list, so thats pretty good, means there not just a drop at the end of the formula.

There are 3 other types in this line and the Jergens site has all the info, incl. ingredients for each.

Rite Aid has them on sale for 5.99 and if they have the display you can get the coupon for 1 dollar off like I did. ( except I paid a buck more at Walgreens last week).

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Mike said...

I'm a big fan of Jergens products. They are usually free of a lot of bad chemicals. It's amazing the type of stuff they put in lotions that aren't approved by the FDA.