Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patrick Dempsey talks Fragrance

Mc Dreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey has a new fragrance coming out via Avon called Unscripted. His wife Jillian is a major makeup artist and is now with Avon doing collections for them and creative work.

Whats surprised me was that he seems to really know the details about his scent. You never know with celebs just how involved they are or knowledgeable. In this weeks TV Guide he gives a preview, while trying to playfully one up Eric Dane and new co- star Kevin McKidd.

Dempsey calls it " a shameless plug"

"It's called Unscripted , and you'll be able to buy from an Avon rep or online. The top note is cracked peppercorn, the mid note is lavender and fig, and the base note is vetiver with a little patchouli. It's very masculine"

A man that knows his top notes from mid notes, now thats cool. I believe the scent launches in November.


the movie mommy said...

I hope Avon does better with Unscripted than fragrances in the past. Avon's stuff if bearable at best. I have tried some over the years. I know some older ladies have been wearing the same fragrance for years and that keeps their lines in business. Considering it is McDreamy doing it...I would hope he knows what scent attracts a man!

the movie mommy said...

My bad! I thought it was a scent for women until I re-read your posting. DOH! Well...I still think he should come out with one for the ladies!