Monday, August 4, 2008

Bond 9 Lexington Avenue

It begins with the quote :
"See a shoe and Pick it up and all day long you’ll have Good Luck. "

I love that. Andy Warhol wrote that 50 years ago.

Does that mean I can go and get more shoes ?

Bond 9's new Andy Warhol inspired perfume is Lexington Ave. and ties in that love of shoes. The bottle has shoes all over it.

The scent itself is very gourmand. It's very pretty and Bond calls it a floral woody chypre. I generally like Chypres but it's a mixed bag with gourmands. It starts right off woody and almost plum-y . One of the top notes is Blue Cypress, another is fennel and I think thats giving me a bit of the plum effect. Not a sweet one though. I didn't notice big changes from top to finish, but the Orris( Iris) is very present mid- way as is the Creme Brulee.

The bottom notes are Patchouli and Sandalwood and you can smell a tiny bit of each of them.

To me is has a kind of smoky quality but one that is a foody- smoky. Somewhat like a just carmelized creme brulee . Then the Iris and floral quality wafts in . This seems perfect for fall. I can envison it alongside a harvest meal . Think big red wine and baked desserts.

As with most Bond 9 scents , a lot is going on here, but subtly.

The full note list in order:


My favorite Warhol scent is still Union Square, but I like this and think it will be a very welcome addition to the Bond 9 collection.

Lexington Ave. retails for $ 135.00 for 50 ml and will be available in September.

Also , a bottle with a dangling, wearable Robert Lee Morris shoe necklace will be on counters for $ 575.00

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