Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Van Cleef and Arpels Feerie Perfume

Van Cleef and Arpels, the amazing jewelers have released a new perfume called Feerie. The fist thing you notice about this is the bottle. It's a wow. I adore the silver fairy perched on a limb atop the bottle but some might find it too much. I like whimsical ( sometimes).

So what about the scent?

Well Feerie is very feminine and classified as a floral woody. To my nose it's more floral. One of the main notes is violet and thats there right off. It's a sweet violet and a touch powdery. There is some citrus mixed in there too. Feerie has a bit of berry-ness to it which might be the blackcurrant note. In other words, there is fruit but it's not a fruity fragrance. It seems to get sweeter and softer as it dries down. It has medium sillage and medium lasting power. If you don't like sweet, this one will be iffy for you.

I am glad I like it, since I really want that bottle. I have just a sample at the moment and wouldn't want to end up with a full bottle of something not so good.

The notes:
Violet, Blackcurrant, Mandarin
Bulgarian Rose, Rose essence, Jasmine
Iris Butter, Vetiver

Van Cleef is marketing this at the high end and it's available only at Neimans, Bergdorfs, and Van Cleef boutiques( a great excuse to go in one of their shops)

100 ml $ 150.00
50ml $ 110.00

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ButterflyDiary said...

This looks so fabulous. The bottle really is amazing, like a creature from a Harry Potter novel.