Monday, August 18, 2008

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier Fragrances

Ed Hardy fragrances have been out awhile but I hadn't tried them until this weekend. I knew the woman's scent was fruit based and it very much is. It is very Strawberry and Musk, but not overpowering, not in your face. It actually goes on fairly soft. The vanilla is there too and I get a touch of the muguet( lily). It's very much a girly fragrance.

The men's scent I liked the best. It is also not overly strong and isn't too aquatic like many men's are. One of the top notes is sage and that is very present with a light touch of citrus. By the drydown the woodsy-ness has come out.

I could see this appealing to many men and some women.

These are great starter scents for the younger set, but really, I don't like to ascribe scent to age. I think you should wear what you like either way. That said, I think this is definitely on the may buy list for my 19 year old cousin this Christmas.

Late fall will bring more new scents from this line.

Women's notes:

Apple Souffle, Strawberry, Mango, Ruby Red Grapefruit
Freesia , Muguet , Linden
Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean,Vanilla Pudding

Men's notes:
Bergamot, Clary sage, Mandarin, Thuja
Mint Julep accord, Ozone
Musks, Sequoia Forest, Amber

Ed Hardy for Men and Women is available at
Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bon Ton, Boscovs, Gottschalks, Stage Stores, Sephoras and Ulta.
Prices are $55 for the 1.7 oz version and $75 for the 3.4 oz.


Eddie said...

This perfume is best suited for gift also.

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