Monday, April 26, 2010

Vintage Files- Urban Decay Nail Polish 1997

With Urban Decay bringing new nail polish out again after a long absence , I thought it time to share my old bottles ( vintage by now) from the company's earlier days and when bold color nail polish was really new and groundbreaking.

In 1997 Urban Decay partnered with designer Todd Oldham and made a set of 3 polishes to benefit one of my favorite causes- animal welfare. I had to have this set with names like Stray Dog. The 3 polishes came in a usable, small, dog dish. It was called the Urban Animal Collection.

The 3 shades were Stray Dog( greenish tinted silver) , Alley Cat ( copper, and one I no longer have) and Shelter( emerald green).

The colors were awesome but have sadly dried up. It's rare that happens as I have 20 yr. old polish that are still good, but they did. You can still see the awesome shade colors though.

As for today, Urban Decay just put out a new Summerof Love collection of polishes if you're looking to add to your own collection.


colormepinkenblue said...

Hi! Thanks for the pics. It's always great to see pictures of "vintage" polishes. There is a tutorial on Scrangie's blog (not affiliated) on how to restore old polishes. hth

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks colormepink. I think these polishes are beyond restoring, I do have somnething that helps with that, but Scrangies blog is always an excellent resource and I will def. check it out.