Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alford and Hoff Men's Fragrance

Alford and Hoff is a luxury skincare line for men as well as a lovely men's fragrance.

The line was founded by two former athletes who looking for top notch skincare aligned with Dr. John Gross Of USC, famed in plastic surgery. Together they created the skin line using a proprietary anti-aging ingredient called "Sir2stac Complex" which is Sirtuin activating.

The fragrance is named simply Alford and Hoff and was created by well known perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan.

Quality ingredients were used here including what is called ORPUR " the highest quality absolute exclusive to Givaudan" which is included in the topnote .

Alford and Hoff starts out rather sweet smelling for a men's scent but it's still masculine. It smells like light rum , maybe a rum and vanilla coke without the coke? There is a vanilla note in there and that along with the rum lasts throughout to the drydown. I get some musk, and then the amber notes towards the drydown. This is not a dry scent nor is aquatic at all, which I found refreshing.

That blend of rum, vanilla , and amber makes it a very warm and soft scent. One that warms up more as it goes. It is not strong nor light, and has medium sillage. It's quite different from any men's scent I've tried in awhile. If you love masculine scents ( as this could be unisex) or are looking for something special and high end for the man in your life, it's definitely worth a sniff.

Full note list per Alford and Hoff:

-Topnote: The aromatic power of fresh citrus and intoxicating herbs.
-Midnote: The scent deepens as a drop of sweet rum leads into the core of rare oils and absolutes. Warm, addictive vanilla and tonka beans from the world’s most exotic regions.
-Drydown: The long lasting background of golden molten amber poured over weathered leather and soft suede .
Alford & Hoff EDT (100 mL) is available for $125 at, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus. ( Full skincare line available as well )

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