Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bath and Body Works Signature for Men

Bath and Body Works brought out a new Signature line for men last month. It comprises 4 scents and 3 different products- body wash, deodorizing body spray, and cologne.

What I loved was the quality here. These smell really good. I had the Oak cologne to try and to me this smells every bit as good as many high end men's fragrances. I love when great scent can be gotten a good price point but only if the quality is there. Oak is my favorite, but the others , especially Ocean, were nice as well.

Oak is a bit sweet, and smells at times to me like old , oak cask aged whiskey. There obviously is an oak note and it's a dark oak. Plenty of soft woods give it a lived in feel ( mainly the cedarwood) and it sits really well on the skin. It's not strong at all and has no aquatic or green notes . You can find them in the other fragrances in the line.

Those other scents are:

Citron- a woodsy citrus with sandalwood , Ocean- green, fresh and aquatic with vetiver and Noir- which I haven't tried.

All are available now at all Bath and Body Works stores and online.
The big semi annual sale just ended, but there are still deals on multiple bottles.

Body Wash is $ 12.00
Cologne is $ 29.40 for 3.4 oz

Deodorizing Body Spray is $ 12.00 for 4 oz

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