Monday, July 12, 2010

Origins Zero Oil Cleanser and More

I try a lot of cleansers and generally like most of them , but am always it seems, on the hunt for the very best one. I think at last I have it- new Zero Oil from Origins.

When I first started using this we had just begun a week of high 90 temps, then it went over 100 . With my oily skin I expected meltdown and oil overload , yet when I looked in the mirror even after being out for a bit, my makeup looked great. Maybe a light powder needed but that was it. I thought , what's changed? And realized it was the cleanser.

Nothing has ever slowed down my oil like this and believe me I have tried. Do I still get some shine and oil, of course , but far less than normal. It really works and I was amazed.

Zero Oil has saw palmetto , mint and salicylic acid. It does have a minty feel and smell and gets skin super clean. Blessedly I seem to be seeing less blackheads on my nose also . Another first- I rarely need toner after this. Toner is a must normally.
Zero Oil is actually a whole line and Origin's says it is proven treat acne , reduce pore size and unclog pores with regular use of all products. The line also has a moisturizer which is a light, light, gel/cream with just the barest hint of moisture as well as salicylic acid that blends immediately and also a toner and instant matte which I haven't tried yet.

For this hot weather, my go to combo has been the Zero Oil cleanser and Clinique's new Acne Solutions foundation. These two get the job done and give me a basically flawless face for much of the day.

All Zero Oil products are on counter and online now at

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