Thursday, July 29, 2010

Perfume in a shoe- Anna Dello Russo

The most fun looking perfume bottle is coming from an unusual source-Anna Dello Russo , editor of Japanese Vogue.

This bottle takes the cake. It's a shoe. I cannot tell you how much I have to have it. Never mind that I don't really care for the main notes listed of almond and vanilla. Who cares? I can just gaze at the bottle.

The fragrance will be called Beyond and I have no idea if it will even be released here in the US. She is more of a European figure. Release is set for Christmas , so we'll find out more eventually.

Why didn't someone think of this sooner? How odd is it that a Vogue editor will have her own perfume? Odd, but she certainly made it look good . I only know a little about Dello Russo, but what I do is that she is a major fashion figure. She lived and breathes fabulous clothes and her style is right off the runway, but done her way.

Her blog was a wonderment. All along the sidebar are photos of gorgeous jewelry, which I assume is hers. If so, it's a fabulous collection. Then there's her pool with the monogrammed automatic cover at the end. It's a fun read.

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