Tuesday, July 13, 2010

pureDKNY Perfume

A drop of vanilla in water , that's the description of the new pureDKNY fragrance. It is of course a bit more than that but the vanilla is important as the vanilla used is harvested in Uganda via the CARE organization, who work with Ugandan villages to assist the women in learning to be self-sufficient.

The scent is very soft. It's meant to be a comforting type . At first there is a bit of citrus then light florals . I get a lot of freesia and the "dew drop petal accord" note . It has some powder and then the vanilla comes in . Slightly sweet but in no way a foodie gourmand vanilla. At times there is a hint of aquatic in there but it fades. The drydown is that soft vanilla and sandalwood. The overall fragrance is a light floral -soft woods scent

Lasting power is good and sillage is light. The official notes are : dew drop petal accord, lotus flower, bulgarian rose, jasmine, freesia, orchid, white amber, sandalwood and vanilla in water.

DKNY is trying to be as eco-friendly as they can in the packaging. The glass of the bottle is recyclable, the carton recyclable or compostable and made from Certfied Forest Paper.

pureDKNY is available currently only as one of the Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusives thru Aug. 1st and or on site at http://www.dkny.com/

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