Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

Womanity is Thierry Mugler's newest go at making something new to the fragrance world. His Angel was groundbreaking and at this point is iconic. Love it or not, it changed/made fragrance history. Now Womanity is using a sweet/savory accord that is very unique , created by molecular distialltion and not done before. Womanity is also his ode to the power of women.

Womanity starts sweet ( the fig note), and then gets floral with peony and then the savory aspect comes along quickly. It doesn't smell fishy or like caviar but instead has a very salty note. A little like a dirty , sand covered seashell on the beach. The pink pepper comes along in the middle . The salty note stays there until the drydown but is less present and the perfume ends up being mostly floral but a somewhat unusual floral.

It definitely is different than anything else but not wildly different. It takes some getting used too, but at the same time, when I first smelled it, I liked it. Womanity should appeal to many, but will certainly vary from person to person. As I said the salty, savory note is very much there but not too strong at the end , so you need to really give this a full drydown test before saying you do or don't like it.

One of the coolest parts of Womanity is the bottle. First off it's refillable. Then there is the totem face carving at the top. The glass is carved as well under the face and there is a ring around the atomizer attached to chain that comes off. It's an amazing presentation.

Womanity comes in a full line of body cream, body milk, shower gel andspray deodarant. All these bottles has a smaller version of the totem on top. Nothing has been left out here.

There are many ways you can be part of the social media aspect of Womanity and you can see a short film, video and an interactive website at

Exclusively at Bloomingdales in August, October at Nordstrom and at

1.7 oz refillable EDP $58.00
Perfumed Shower Gel $ 40.00
Perfumed Body Cream $ $ 55.00


Perfume Samples said...

Great review. Womanity isn't that bad, but it isn't that fabulous either.

btw: Thierry offers free Womanity samples from it's offical website -

Anonymous said...

Just received as a sample of Wmanity from the website and I absolutely LOVE it.. Can't wait to buy it.. Another OMG! scent from Thierry..