Saturday, July 3, 2010

New NARS / Daphne Guinness for Fall

Daphne Guinness is a style icon. She wears couture as most women wear sportswear . Recently she purchased the entire collection of the late Isabella Blow's hats. I hope someday she exhibits them so everyone can see .

Guinness is also friends with Francois Nars and is now not only the face of fall , but has her own monikered eye shadow.

Daphne is a royal purple and Guinness is wearing it in the ads along with several other new releases. I don't think it even looks like her in the picture, but either way it's a stunning image. The eyeshadow, well it looks like a beauty .

Also new are :

-Mangrove eyeshadow , a yellow-green shade
-Douceur blush, a soft pink- brown
-Rouge Basque lipstick- a true red.

In other NARS news, he is thinking about opening a free standing boutique , probably on Bleecker in NYC this fall. The store will have special items in addition to the full line.

Fall 2010 will be online July 15 at and on counters in August.

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