Monday, March 28, 2011

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2011

It's time for  the yearly release of  the Summer editions of Calvin Klein Eternity and CK One . Each are new scents and in nicely  decorated bottles.  I'll be dishing on CK One Summer over at  Beautystat . Here I'm all about Eternity Summer.

Eternity has not been one of my favorite Calvin fragrances and I wasn't a big fan of last Summer's version, but this year is a different story.  I find myself really liking this  version. It's very different than last summer's which as I recall was very aquatic.

 Summer 2011 brings a bright , warm , mostly floral scent.  You can detect the  muguet ( lily of the valley) and to me there is a sweet pea feel to it as well.  As it dries  down there are some green notes  and  I can  smell the cilantro note in there. It's that cilantro note that makes this something besides a floral. Some people have issue with that note and it's often a reason some can't take one of my all time favs Bond No 9 Little Italy. I get little cilantro from that  one , but no matter to me as I love the smell of cilantro , fresh from the plant.

 The Cilantro meshes  with the florals, so by the drydown  it settles into a slightly powdery floral with the mimosa note becoming very prominent.  Perfect for warm days spent dreaming of being in a field of  wildflowers.

Full note list :
Top: violet leaves, muguet, cilantro
Mid: gardenia, jasmine, lotus lily
Dry: creamy musks, mimosa, fig wood

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2011 is LE and is 3.4 oz  for $ 56.00


Contabilitatea Firmei said...

Definetly now this is my favourite. I want to buy one. I liked very much the last summer version but this is better.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I can't wait to smell it! I really love the CK summers

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Conta and Puddin for stopping by. I think you'll likethe new fragrance . Let me know.