Monday, June 3, 2013

Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

Maybelline's The Rocket  is the gold standard in mascara right now as far as I am concerned. It's incredibly good, I've recommended it to  friends who loved it enough to rec to co-workers  and other friends and drop their previous favorites.

So while I know that companies need to keep new products coming and to develop ideas,  I also knew it would be hard to top .  And so the new The Falsies Big Eyes mascara is a nice mascara it's not The Rocket.

With Big Eyes ( an extension on the original Falsies) you get a dual wanded mascara. One small wand for lower lashes at 2 millimeters wide,  and a larger one for top. If you are a lower lash gal  having a special  , tiny wand is handy. No separate mascara needed or making a mess with a larger wand . 

I felt like I got more volume than length here , with decent length but not as much as I like. Volume was good and through at least 3 coats to test how buildable it is there was no clumping . You can build as needed coat after coat. More mascaras are coming in a clump free formula, thankfully.

Maybelline says this is  quick dry formula, which again helps with those tiny bottom lashes and it does dry fast.  No smudging that way and lashes are not too crunchy either.

If you work with the bottom lashes a lot, then this is one to check out. 

The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara comes in three regular shades: Blackest Black, Very Black and Brownish Black. Two waterproof shades are : Very Black and Brownish Black.

Sugg. Retail is $ 9.49


chatchien said...

Have you tried Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara, and if so, then what did you think of it?

It is my favorite lengthening mascara currently. I put it on first and then use a volumizing mascara such as Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara to finish my lashes.

My lashes look almost as good as those TV mascara commercials that have the models in thick false eyelashes. ;-)

But not quite, I'm not wearing falsies and pretending that I'm not.

Beauty Alchemist said...

I have tried Illegal Lengths but it was some time ago. When it 1st came put most likely. I thought there might be a review to look back at, but I didn't do one is seems. I recall liking it though but not as much as some of their others. I can't remember it in detail.

Mixing mascaras can be good. I have a friend who does that with great results.
If your lashes are looking that good, then you have found a winning combo.